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#1 2009-03-15 22:50:57


PsyKoTrope v1.1DIY (Do It Yourlself) Version is out ;)

Here is the new version of "PsyKoTrope" !!!!

NonameNo Presents "Psykotrope" v1.1 DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) Version

The game can be downloaded here : PsyKoTrope v1.1 DIY Version

DIY Version:
You can now design your own level easily.
When you run psykotrope, the soft is going to load
the level on the SD, in apps/psykotrope/levels.png

levels are stored in a simple PNG file, and designed like this :
- each level is a matrix of 20*15 pixel (BLACK no box, WHITE box)
- The 16th line is to define the goal (number of box to cross for this level) (Only use WHITE pixel to define the goal)
- Number of level is automatically displayed by the game dividing the height of the PNG by 16 wink
- The PNG have to be : W = 20
                       H < 1024 (and a multiple of 16 wink )
                       And RGB (not indexed colors)

have a look at the provided GameSet to really understand how it work wink

A Real Fast compo game : "4 Hours" of coding/graphing
This little game fits in less than 150 lines of GRRLIB coding wink

Greetings to Crayon and Xane
AcaDien_, teknecal, crazygoth, didinx, mk2, mnta, Muzer, Squidman




#2 2009-03-17 23:39:54


Re: PsyKoTrope v1.1DIY (Do It Yourlself) Version is out ;)

Thanks a lot NoNameNo,

I hope you will release the "<150 lines of GRRLIB coding wink" soon wink





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