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#1 2009-09-10 21:15:49


Feature Freeze

In preparation of the imminent Public Release of GRRLIB v4.1.0 we are hereby placing a "Feature Freeze"on SVN/trunk. 

Please report ALL and ANY bugs or documentation errors you find/know about ASAP.

Until v4.1.0 goes public, only documentation corrections and bug fixes will be committed to trunk.

We have not fixed a date, but it will almost certainly be before the end of September.  Critical bugs, illness, famine, war, pestilence and/or the release of an awesome new game, of course, could change this.

PLEASE DO keep submitting your ideas to the v4 Contributions forum - As soon as v4.1 goes Public your (good) ideas will start being imported ready for the next version.

Thanks for all your support in the past; Thanks for your patience for over the next couple of weeks.  And Thanks for choosing to be a part of the Extended GRRLIB Team - No Users == Dead Project


I can be found on efnet, freenode, msn, gtalk, aim, ychat & icq ...PM me for details



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