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#1 2010-02-06 22:05:25


For 4.2.1

I heard you're planning to release a new version with FrrType support which is great, you're doing a great job with this library!
Since you're working on the new version I wanted to suggest a few (pretty small) changes to your library, in case you think they are good:

1. A 'GRRLIB_CopyTexture' function.
2. 'GRRLIB_LoadTextureFromFile' should check if the file is open and handle the error if it isn't.
3. 'GRRLIB_Screen2Texture' does not work very well (I see you noticed that as well).
4. This may be somewhat harder and you may not do it if you want to keep this a purely C library: automatic mem management for GRRLIB_texImg (a destructor to clear the data instead of using 'GRRLIB_FreeTexture').

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