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#1 2009-10-28 12:47:12


Problems regarding 4.1.0 release

Hi there,

First of all thanks for this great library!

I was using the initial 4.0 release quite a while, now I'm trying to move to the new release but I have a few problems.

Firstly, rotation seems to be changed, now pictures don't rotate with regard to their center but with regard to their upper left corner. I found out the SetHandle function but it doesn't seem to work or I'm failing somewhere.

Next problem with the tilesets, somewhat drawing the picture directly & drawing the picture using individual tiles doesn't always look the same..

Maybe these are my problems but as I said, I did only change the necessary parts to be able to use 4.1 (struct to pointer, makefile changes and so on)

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#2 2009-10-28 15:54:54

Bad Mother Fucker

Re: Problems regarding 4.1.0 release

To center handles use GRRLIB_SetMidHandle with enabled set to true:


 * Center a texture's handles. e.g. for rotation.
 * @param tex The texture to center.
 * @param enabled
void GRRLIB_SetMidHandle( struct GRRLIB_texImg *tex, bool enabled )

By default a new texture is created with upper left corner:


GRRLIB_SetHandle( my_texture, 0, 0 );



#3 2009-10-30 16:19:42


Re: Problems regarding 4.1.0 release

Hmm, this behaviour is really different from the previous versions.

Now I solved my problem adding offsetx and offsety to the desired x,y and setting the handle to center using GRRLIB_SetHandle.


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