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#1 2010-02-25 09:42:21


Object Import

If you take a look at the, thay can load a object into there library and render it. The hole object is imported as a mesh and then you can render this object on to the screen.

Perhaps it is a valued addon to your library.



#2 2010-02-26 18:06:32

Bad Mother Fucker

Re: Object Import

We already started to work on something like this. If you are curious you could look at this branch of the repository: … es/3D_test

New functions are:


void Draw3dObj(GRRLIB_Model* model);
GRRLIB_Model* GRRLIB_ReadOBJ(char* filename);
GRRLIB_Model* GRRLIB_ReadOBJMem(const char *buffer, u32 size);
void GRRLIB_DeleteObj(GRRLIB_Model* model);
void GRRLIB_VertexNormals(GRRLIB_Model* model, f32 angle);
void GRRLIB_FacetNormals(GRRLIB_Model* model);
void GRRLIB_LinearTexture(GRRLIB_Model* model);
void GRRLIB_SpheremapTexture(GRRLIB_Model* model);

Right now the example does not work because light functions have been taken out, but they will soon come back.

Remember that this code is in development.



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