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#1 2008-07-05 00:48:01


Make freezes when compiling GRRLIB.c

Hey guys, I am trying to create a project using GRRLIB 3 - basically I am using DevKitPPC with MINGW32 on Win32 to try and compile the default example wii template but with GRRLIB compiled in too.  I have copied the libpng library to the right place; included it in the makefile and included the supporting GRRLIB files/folders.  When I go to make my app using MINGW32 it gets to GRRLIB.c it just freezes until I hit Ctrl+C at which point I get:

   make[1]: *** [GRRLIB.o] Error 3
   make: *** [build] Interrupt

I presume this is just because I used Ctrl+C to force it to stop.  I have tried loads of things, cleaning out the build dirs, compiling it into a C and C++ app but I always get the same thing.  Interestingly if I try and compile the Masteroids source, it compiles fine (with GRRLIB 1.6).

Does anyone have any ideas where I am going wrong?

Any help would be much appreciated, I can tell the world is just waiting for another Asteroids hello world...



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