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#1 2010-11-05 00:56:15


GRRLIB out of mem for picture loading?

I posted a while back about having TOO MANY images and was able to resolve it by removing a bunch of empty textures i created for future use.

But i no longer think it is by number of textures... but size.

I think i've reached a limit of what GRRLIB can draw because as i add more textures now, it doesn't draw them.  If i combine a number of single textures into one texture to have less textures, it still doesn't work (ie the limit is based on size).

Any way around this... i have a lot more pictures planned to be loaded... and can't seem to add more.  Is it because i load it all at once?  would loading from the sd card instead of from compiled stuff let me do more?

any ideas?



#2 2010-11-14 05:36:05


Re: GRRLIB out of mem for picture loading?

You might be reaching the upper limit of video memory... I know you're dealing with compiled assets, and this might be the problem. It is easier (although more of a pain) to manage memory if you load all of your files at runtime, this way you can flush everything before changing scenes/functions. Curious, how much is the combined memory of all of your textures? Remember the wii has like a 16-24 mb ram limit, or something like that.

Also, I ran into problems using GRRLIB_LoadFile for loading binary files, but that was only because I needed to be able to read and write to the file in question.

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