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#1 2011-12-20 04:05:17


very basic question from newbie

sorry about the really basic question here, but i'm just joining in on the wii homebrew scene, and have been away from C a very long time:
i was able to do a "make clean all install" on the main grrlib code
1. for the grrlib examples code, how do i compile that? when i do a "make" in individual directories, it complains that it can't find grrlib.h. i have two solutions i can think of: change the source file to provide the full path to the grrlib.h (yuck), or change the makefile to provide an INCLUDES option to point it to the GRRLIB directory (less yuck?)
how do you folks "make" the examples code? is there a way to set it up so i don't need to change any files?



#2 2011-12-22 05:20:27


Re: very basic question from newbie

You will always have to modify the make files of the project to include the libs that you plan to use.   Devkitpro comes with some wii examples. try to run those first.  when you get those running then you can copy one of the sample project and mod it to work with grrlib



#3 2011-12-22 09:08:03


Re: very basic question from newbie

i think there is  a problem with your install, forget what owen says wink
grrlib example should compil without problem.

the best you can do is join us on IRC (#grrlib) on efnet and ask someone wink



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