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#1 2008-07-22 14:30:26


"WiiLax Demo" near finished !!

* Intro Screen         - NoNameNo   - OK -
* Main Menu            - NoNameNo   - Need Improvements  -
* Madonna Screen   - NoNameNo ) - OK -
* NoName 1 Screen - NoNameNo   - Near Ok -
* NoName 2 Screen - NoNameNo   - Ok -
* NoName 3 Screen - NoNameNo   - if i have time to code it -

There is Free Spaces in The Main Menu for some of your screens.
(RedShade, Crayon, etc.... anyone ??) wink



#2 2008-07-22 16:59:15

Bad Mother Fucker

Re: "WiiLax Demo" near finished !!

Hi NoNameNo, I don't really understand what is the WiiLax Demo? Is it a demo like ExistenzE?

Could you give us more information or you are waiting for a big surprise at launch time?



#3 2008-07-22 17:16:20


Re: "WiiLax Demo" near finished !!

yeah, it will be a "demo" in the meaning of "demoscene" oldschool effect.

The main menu is a kind of "existenze" menu where you will be able to choose between different "screen" (most coded by me wink )

in this menu i can add your screen if you want.

You can code what you want, funny effect, nice effect, or event something to show your coding skill or design.
i accept even a little game...
in fact, anything you want to show to public wink

Go go go !!
i am waiting for your production wink




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