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#1 2008-08-20 08:22:45

Double Buffering or howto


Is there any doublebuffering function in the lib?

Wanna draw a pacman like map and then show it on screen. Then render the new map in background and then draw this on screen.

Is this possible?



#2 2008-08-20 09:47:13


Re: Double Buffering or howto

Pretty sure that double buffering is already built in as internally there are two frame buffers that get flipped between with the results of any drawing not being displayed until you use the GRRLIB_Render command



#3 2008-09-08 22:46:39


Re: Double Buffering or howto

What do you want to achieve with your double buffering?

There is sort of 2 forms of double buffering being used right now. One of them is that you draw to the graphics memory, then copy this to the display memory(what is on the TV or whatever), with your actual draws never being visible (no-flicker). This is memory-copy double buffer.

The second double buffering that happens is that you will draw to page 1(display memory), start showing this on the TV, and while you are in the middle of showing, start drawing on page 2(display memory). This is the memory-flipping double buffer.

That's sort of 3 buffers... 1 on the graphics chip, 2 in memory that are flipped between.



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