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Audio Question

I know this question is a bit off topic, because it's not a problem with GRRLIB, but I haven't been able to find an answer to it anywhere.

I figure that some people here have probibly used .MOD music in some of their applications and wondered if they ever had .MOD files that have "scratchy", or "distorted" audio. I notice that quite a few of the .MOD files I would like to use get distorted when I try to use them in my programs, yet other .MOD's play perfectly.

Is this a problem with the gcmodplay.h library? And does anyone know if it's possible to make the distorted .MOD's play properly?

I was thinking of maybe using MikMod, or DUMB source code to get my .MOD's to play properly, instead of gcmodplay, but that may be beyond my abilities since I'm new to programming.

I absolutely LOVE GRRLIB! I've been coding some neat little old school text scrollers and starfields and stuff, and I'm having a great time!

Here's an example of a .mod file that distorts: … chip03.mod



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