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#1 2009-06-01 00:40:09


Shifting a texture


I don't know if I'm using the GRRLIB_GetPixelFromtexImg and GRRLIB_SetPixelTotexImg commands properly.

I'm not doing anything complicated. I made a .PNG image of a gradient line. The image size is 640x4 .

I'm just trying to shift the colour values so it appears as if the line is scrolling across the screen. My program almost works, but it only seems to shift the ends of my line and the middle doesn't move at all. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.

Here's my source code: …

Thanks for taking a look!


EDIT: - Well, shortly after I posted this message, I managed to get it working. It might be a screen update bug with GRRLIB. If I draw another image to the screen before I use GRRLIB_Render(), then my colour shift works fine.

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