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#1 2009-08-19 08:23:56


Makefile: Enable build before loading the executable

This is a silly change in the Makefile template that has saved me lots of errors.

Every Makefile shipped in the examples directory has a rule to run the project by sending
the .dol file to the console. So, in Programmer's Notepad you usually do (Alt+1) to build your
project and then (Atl+r) to load and run the .dol file.

But if you forget the build step, you may be loading an obsolete version of your program.

I have changes the Makefiles so the run: and reload: sections will force a build if necessary.


    psoload $(TARGET).dol

    psoload -r $(TARGET).dol

Note that make is smart enough to not rebuild the project if it has not changed.
Also, this trick is good if you are too lazy to stroke (Alt+1) every time you want
to build & run.



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