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#1 2010-08-20 18:11:51


Split screen

I was wondering if there is a way to use a view-port function so that you render to a smaller screen and do this a few times on different positions

i was thinking of using compositing but then i would have to shrink the image
this could work with the 3d rendering but would probably screw up the 2d
so i would have render it over the 3d after compositing



#2 2010-08-20 19:14:01


Re: Split screen

from what i understand of what you wanted to do, screen2texture fits perfect.



#3 2010-08-21 10:38:07


Re: Split screen

i'm sorry i think i didn't explain it correctly

what i want is to render to a portion of the screen then to another without clearing the screen

the method i described was just an alternative

i'd like to know

1) if there is a way to simply render to a portion of the screen multiple times ( say 4X for 4-player split-screen)

if not then

2) if GX_compositing 4 times + ones rendering the 4 images plus extra 2d images, would slow down the wii

EDIT: i just rendered with copositing for 2-player splitsceen and realized that its now flatened
i think i need another method for 2-player

maybe cut lines from top and bottom (not sure how that is going to look)

EDIT2: woops if i just use GRRLIB_DrawPart it fixes it

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